week #20’s tutorial

7 Apr

As requested by Lucy, here is a tutorial for week #20’s deco!

what i use:


* sally hansen – black out

* nail star – holo silver

* chinaglaze – for audrey

* wet ‘n’ wild – french creme

* paperclips

* scrap paper


step 1: do all your basic nail prep (base coat etc)


step 2: paint your base color coat of course! pictured is 2 coats of chinaglaze’s “for audrey” (my fave color!!)


step 3: paint your tips! doesn’t have to be perfect, you can hide minor boo-boos later with a line of glitter.


step 4: paint a stripe down the middle. if you are doing your other nails without the stripe down the middle, just skip over to step6.


step 5: using your dotting tool, make dots along the sides of the stripe.


in this tutorial, i am using a paperclip as my dotting tool. 🙂 you can buy professional dotting tools from sally’s or ebay. i find that toothpicks, paperclips, etc work just fine. just use whatever works best for you!


step 6: using your dotting tool (i’m using the other end of my paperclip), make dots in areas that do not have any decorations already.


step 7: paint your line of glitter.


step 8: make dots on the tips too.


step 9: dots down the middle stripe (buttons!).. or crosses if you want it to look like a corset!


and finish off with a topcoat! ta-da! you’re done. 🙂


One Response to “week #20’s tutorial”

  1. Lucy April 7, 2009 at 6:09 pm #

    Jasmine thank you so much! That was really sweet of you. I can’t wait to try the manicure. Hope mine looks as good as yours.

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