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Nail Deco Of The Week #91 + wet ‘n’ wild comfort zone

26 Apr

orly – space cadet

covergirl boundless color – disco dazzle

misa – on the verge

bird nail canes from bornpretty!

also… picked up the new 8 color wet ‘n’ wild palettes at Walgreens today!

They’re only $4.99 and for that price the quality is excellent!!!

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

^ these are swatches WITHOUT primer!!

The pigmentation is very good. No chalky colors, all the colors are easy to blend and soft. the texture actually kind of reminds me of NYX eyeshadows! there are 2 other palettes, one of blues and the other is pinks/purples. The only downside is that the packaging is cheap.. no  biggie, but there could have at least been some plastic shrink wrap around the palette! Ah, well, for $5 why complain?

I hope I see this at another Walgreens soon! I actually grabbed the last one on the shelf from my local store.

orly – space cadet swatch

26 Apr

orly – space cadet

PMD Personal Microdermabrasion System review

24 Apr

Hey everyone! So SkincareRX kindly sent me a new product to try out. 🙂 This is the Personal Microderm system! The idea is to make microdermabrasion at home easy and affordable. Basically, it exfoliates your skin and this allows skin texture to improve as well as creams and serums to absorb better.

The kit included a charger, the PMD exfoliator, 2 different sized caps, 6 tips (the green one is for tougher skin and the blue ones are for sensitive skin!), an instructional CD and 2 mini serum samples. 🙂

What interested me about  this product was that it claimed to help with keratosis pilaris (on my arms!)… but I think I would need to use it for more than 3 weeks (I used the blue bit once a week) to see satisfactory results. The product works great as an exfoliator, I can really feel a difference after I use it! My skin became very smooth and soft, though the visible results were not what I had expected. Maybe I should have been using the green bit instead of the blue (meant for sensitive skin)?

But anyway, I’m going to continue trying it out. 🙂 I guess I won’t be buying scrubs anymore? The PMD is efficient enough on its own.

For anyone else who is interested in the PMD system, it was actually easier to use than I had expected. The fact that it is electronic intimidated me .. especially with all the removable parts but it’s actually quite simple! There are 2 types of bits (as I kept mentioning earlier!): blue (sensitive skin) and green (tougher skin). There are also 2 sizes, bigger ones for the body and smaller ones for harder to reach areas such as elbows or between the nose and the cheek.

The PMD kit actually had many warnings about watching the video before attempting to use the product! Def watch the video first!! (It’s only like 8-10 minutes? I can’t remember exactly how long..) If you hover for too long, it may cause a scab! This really scared me at first so I actually tried it on a piece of fabric first to get a feel for how strong it exfoliates. There was also kind of a loud noise when you turn the product on (which can be intimidating)… but it was actually pretty gentle! 🙂 I never hovered for too long so I can’t tell you how long it would take to scab. Watching the video will help you get an idea of what kind of pace is average.

Oh and another thing! The product actually works by suction. So the cap sucks onto your skin and exfoliates it as you move it around. It does leave a red mark afterwards, but it faded for me within like.. 3-4 seconds? I didn’t feel any irritation though (and I have pretty sensitive skin! I actually have eczema too .. shhh! :x) .

Bottom line:

Rating: 4.3/5

Pros: Very efficient in exfoliating skin, easy to use, not time consuming, easily customizable for your skin type

Cons: Expensive, kind of loud