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Off Topic DIY Swanson Pyramid of Greatness

16 Jul

Does anyone else watch Parks and Rec? 🙂 My apartment-mates and I made a replication of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness out of paint chips, cardboard, paint, some glue, printed pictures of Ron’s beautiful face and sharpie writing!

^ Alright, that picture is a little scary since it was taken at night…

^ LIGHT! 🙂

I honestly believe every household should have this on their wall(s). I hope you make one too!

For high res references, use google images!

To watch the clip of Ron introducing his pyramid, use youtube!

Nail Deco Of The Week #110 / Review

16 Jul

Jackie of kindly sent me these designs to try:

Andrea of has sent me blue & red fish to try.

For those who have not tried nail stickers before, they are very easy to use! These Jamberry ones require heat to adhere to the nail properly. The consultants explained that using a hair dryer is the quickest and easiest way to do it! So what you do is you blow dry the nail stickers for about 15 seconds and then you apply the stickers to your nail and file away the excess.

Unlike other nail stickers that I’ve tried, these ones do not require a top coat.

It is important to heat up the stickers before you apply them! I only put them under my hairdryer for around 5-7 seconds thinking that it’d be enough but the nail stickers fell off after 1 hour. I tried again for around 10 seconds (I know, I really need to be more patient!) and they started peeling off the very next day.

My most recent attempt followed the instructions correctly (15 seconds under the hairdryer) using these cute chevron stickers that Adriane of sent me.

The application was smoother, but still some very tiny parts that I couldn’t even out. There was still tip wear after a day for me. Does this happen to anyone else? I don’t know if it’s due to the curvature of my nail or whatever? I should also mention that I hand wash dishes!


Pros: Fun designs, quick, easy, does not harm the nails, easy removal (peels off)

Cons: Does not last that long, many size options but nothing fits my thumb perfectly (to be fair, nail stickers pretty much never fit my nails perfectly)

Summary: I did not like using these as stickers for my entire nail. I find that they start to wear off at the tips too quickly. I’d use them for half or part of my nails though! Maybe by cutting out a stripes or something. They stick on pretty well, just not at the tips. There are also a huge selection of designs to choose from. If you’re interested, contact the ladies listed above! 🙂

CVS 6-In-1 Manicure Tool: Review

15 Jul

Megan of Health Enterprises, Inc kindly sent me this neat tool to test out!

The Multitool contains a dual-sided cuticle pusher and cleaning stick (pull out the cuticle part), nail brush, nail clippers and a dual-sided nail buffer and nail file while the silicone handle makes it easy and comfortable to use.

Pros: small, very nice silicone grip! (my favorite part!), useful cuticle stick, light weight, everything fits nicely together so none of the compartments stick out when folded, sharp clipper, available at CVS

Cons: emery board is not a glass or metal file, so it will probably be bad after a few weeks, not sure why I might need a nail brush on the go?