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22 Dec

I ordered some polishes from 🙂

Essie – School of Hard Rocks

Zoya – Neeka

OPI – Suzi Loves Cowboys

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Lickety-Split Lime

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Mint Sprint

Lickety-Split Lime, Mint Sprint, School of  Hard Rocks, Neeka, Suzi Loves Cowboys

I am sooo happy with the Insta-Dri’s! The formula is great, you’ll only need 1-2 coats for an opaque finish. I can’t believe I haven’t tried this line earlier since it’s been around for so long! I will def be buying more. Neeka is a 1-2 coater as well. Suzi loves cowboys is a bit sheer, but the dry time is satisfactory.

Now onto the tutorial!

I like to wear sheer tights, but somehow I always seem to ruin them after 1 or 2 wears. I usually just toss them, but I’ve recently thought up of a fun way to recycle! What can you do with torn tights you ask?

Now I suppose to I could have just worn my torn tights like Miley…

But that’s never really been my style. Here’s what I did instead!

1. Grab your torn tights…

2. Snip off the legs and feet

3. Turn them into bows! I’ve noticed that sheer tights are very good for making fluffy bows. You won’t have to worry about the ends fraying because if you stretch them they’ll just fold over by themselves. the torn part won’t really show because your tights will scrunch up and it will be hard to tell.


Now you can turn your bows into pins… or  jewelry… whatever! The possibilities are endless. 🙂 I decided to spruce up a pair of flats by super gluing them on.

Easy, right?

Nail Deco Of The Week #99 / Tutorial / Review

8 Nov

Soooo, Veronica of Mariposa Allure has kindly sent me some nail foils to try out!

I’ve never used stickers that covered my entire nail bed before, just small ones like a flower or something. I’m sure most of you have heard of MINX nail foils or Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects nail stickers.. well these are like those. 🙂

Step 1. Basic nail prep: Remove oils / old nail polish. They also sent me a cuticle stick and a mini nail file to use. I recommend that you leave the nail file for filing off the sticker later as oppose to shaping your nail during prep because these are disposable files! So if you use it for prep, then you might not have any left for the application (that is, unless you have spares of course).

Mariposa Allure recommends that you apply 1 base coat for optimal application.

Step 2: Peel off a nail foil and fit it onto your nail bed like so.

Don’t know about if I have really big nail beds or something but the largest one did not fit all the way for my thumb.  I was actually kind of intimidated by how big the largest sticker was, funny how it turned out to be too small!

Step 3: File off the excess sticker.

Sadly, all of the stickers were too small for me, however the gaps aren’t noticeable unless you’re looking for it

Step 4: Finish off with a top coat.

These were fun, and it is certainly a fast way to get a cute (and intricate!) mani. I believe the entire process took about 8-10 minutes? Veronica had mentioned to me before sending the stickers that she was working on the thumb nail sizes, but I’m not sure when they will be releasing new products. Each sheet comes with 20 stickers, so if you have smaller nail beds you can probably find one that fits you perfectly.

I can imagine that you can do lots of fun things with these stickers…like cutting out shapes! French manis with a twist perhaps? 🙂

Like I mentioned before, I’ve never tried nail foil stickers for my entire nail bed before! I wonder if Sally Hansen’s foils would also be too small for me? I should probably mention that konad stamps (that are meant to fit the entire nail bed) are also too small for me. 😛

Has anyone else tried nail foils before?

Nail Deco Of The Week #85 + mini review/tut

13 Mar

Saw Lacquerized‘s monarch butterfly nails and had to try it for myself!!! 🙂

mine didn’t turn out as nice as hers though 😦

shouldn’t have rushed ._. maybe i will try this mani again in the future and make each nail more uniform + draw the contours better!

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
color club – wild at heart
sally hansen – hidden treasure
art deco – black
china glaze – white on white

byebye mani…


now moving on to the 4 way nail buffer that Jessica from Born Pretty sent me 🙂

step 1: file nails! i wouldn’t recommend if you want to file a lot because this is a very fine grain. it’s better for touch ups, after 1 or 2 uses you probably will have to dispose of it.

step 2,3: sand nail surface!

step 4: buff surface 🙂

dull 😦


i wouldn’t recommend using this too often (eg every day).. you are sanding off your nail after all– so you’re thinning your nail 😮 though you probably won’t be doing that anyway! one buffing is enough for 2-3 weeks for me~

Review / Mini Tutorial

3 Dec

Hey guys!

So the kind people from BORN PRETTY have sent me a couple of products to try out!

in the picture: half pearl rounds, sweet desserts mini clay nail art deco, adhesive stripe stickers, mini metal ball decos.


I really like these tapes! They’re stick in the back so you can apply them easily. The tricky part is knowing the length of how much to cut, so I just use a generous amount and trim it to fit.

snip snip!

They are also quite handy for french styled mani’s! 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget the topcoat at the end. Alsooo, remember to fold the end of the tape over when you’re done cutting a strip because it can be quite difficult finding the end for such thin tapes!

Nail Art Colorful Half Pearls Decoration Set for Nail starting at $2.84

These are tinier pearls, and for some reason the colors don’t match up to the stock photos? The pearls themselves are quite nice and you get a lot for under $3, but the blue pearls confused me?

3 Sizes Nail Art Pearl Rhinestone Decoration + Wheel starts at $4.14

Half pearls! 🙂 Nothing bad to say about these. The white ones come in 3 sizes, here’s a picture of the largest size on my nails:

I usually just stick on my half round pearls to my nail polish when my nail polish is half dried (so it’s tacky) 😀 Then I just finish it with a top coat and it stays just fine.

12 Cute Desert Candy Nail Art Applique Nail Art Craft Decoration staring at $3.41

These are soooo cute!!! They’re super tiny and are made out of polymer clay so they are still slightly flexible when they’re shipped to you.

size comparison

more size comparisons

12 Colors 3D Steel Ball Glitter Nail Art Decoration starting at $5.41

I was actually pretty disappointed by these. The size and shape of the balls are inconsistent:

They are also much smaller than the steel balls that I usually buy at Daiso Japan:

Hmm I tried to find alternative uses for the balls.. like my using it the same way i would with loose glitter..

paint nail & dip in beads

Anyway, overall I’m pretty happy with their products. The steel balls were the only thing that I disliked 😛

Oh! And one last thing, BORN PRETTY is offering a 10% off discount till Dec 31, 2010~

The coupon code is: OPENTENOFF

Week #80’S Tutorial

23 Aug


you will need…

* black nail art polish (or regular black nail polish with a nail art brush)
* white nail polish (does not have to be the nail art kind)
* light pink nail polish
* dark pink nail polish
* dotting tool (i’m using an unbent paper clip, you can also use tooth picks)

1. after basic nail prep (cleaning, filing, base coat, etc.), paint your nails with the darker pink color.

2. using the lighter pink color, paint a “hill”. this will be the piggy’s head 🙂

3. using the dotting tool, draw triangles (ears)

4. mix the dark pink and the light pink to get a medium shade of pink. you can also just use a different pink polish if you have it handy and skip this step!

5. using the dotting tool, draw an oval (nose)

6. now comes the hard part… outline the piggy and draw eyes and nostrils.

7. if you make a mistake, paint over it with the lighter pink or darker pink color…

8. … and try again 🙂 the texture might get bumpy, but a good topcoat will smooth it out. i use seche vite 😀

9. now for the speech bubble! draw a big circle with the dotting tool, and draw a little triangle at one of the ends.

10. outline it!

11. now you’re done! 🙂 you can write something in the speech bubble if you like, or if words are too hard, draw a heart, or star.. or an exclamation mark!

you can also add more to your piggies by drawing eyebrows, wrinkles or bows 🙂

have fun! hope this helps!

Week #59’S Tutorial

12 Sep

As requested by Janet, a leopard print tutorial! 🙂

Leopard print is very easy. If you mess up on the outlining, you can probably make it look like it was intentional because each spot is irregular either way. 😛

What I will be using:

  • Zoya – “Richelle”
  • Zoya – “Harley”
  • Covergirl Boundless Color – “Gold Rush”
  • LA colors nail art polish (thin brush) – “Black” *

* It is much easier if you have nail art striper polishes (ie polishes with a long thin brush for detailed painting). If you don’t have nail art polishes or brushes, you can use a toothpick or unbent paperclip.

STEP 1. Basic nail prep. (File, base coat, etc)

STEP 2: Paint nails with base color (Harley).

STEP 3: Paint random spots. They don’t need to be perfect nor circular for that matter..  just try to spread them out evenly. 🙂

STEP 4: Now outline your spots with black. Remember to vary the line thickness.

STEP 5: I personally like to add random spots with just black if I feel like there is too much empty space.

STEP 6: Finish off with a coat of glitter and you’re done!

Hope I was able to help! ♥

week #20’s tutorial

7 Apr

As requested by Lucy, here is a tutorial for week #20’s deco!

what i use:

* sally hansen – black out

* nail star – holo silver

* chinaglaze – for audrey

* wet ‘n’ wild – french creme

* paperclips

* scrap paper


step 1: do all your basic nail prep (base coat etc)

step 2: paint your base color coat of course! pictured is 2 coats of chinaglaze’s “for audrey” (my fave color!!)

step 3: paint your tips! doesn’t have to be perfect, you can hide minor boo-boos later with a line of glitter.

step 4: paint a stripe down the middle. if you are doing your other nails without the stripe down the middle, just skip over to step6.

step 5: using your dotting tool, make dots along the sides of the stripe.

in this tutorial, i am using a paperclip as my dotting tool. 🙂 you can buy professional dotting tools from sally’s or ebay. i find that toothpicks, paperclips, etc work just fine. just use whatever works best for you!

step 6: using your dotting tool (i’m using the other end of my paperclip), make dots in areas that do not have any decorations already.

step 7: paint your line of glitter.

step 8: make dots on the tips too.

step 9: dots down the middle stripe (buttons!).. or crosses if you want it to look like a corset!

and finish off with a topcoat! ta-da! you’re done. 🙂

nail deco of the week #37 / tutorial

18 Jan

i got a few requests for a tut, so here you go!
it’s very simple and you can do it quickly for a fast simple mani (:
what i use:
lippmann collection – how far is heaven?
china glaze – passion
stripe rite – silver glitter
cover girl – disco dazzle

1. basic prep (clean nails, base coat, blahblahblah)
2. i painted two layers of ‘how far is heaven’ ~ you can do more or less depending on how sheer you want it to be (:
3. paint tips with ‘passion’ or w/e color you want.
it doesn’t have to to be perfect b/c you can conceal your mistakes with glitter later!
4. you can use as many different types of glitters as you want, but i’m only using 2 in this tut. (:
so paint another stripe with your finest/densest glitter, patrially overlapping your colored tips
5. do the same thing as stop #4, but with your more sparse glitters. if you’re using many glitters, start with the densest glitter and your last glitter should be the sparse-est! i hope that made sense >_>
6. now paint over your dense glitter layers/colored tips with your sparse-est glitter
7. add a topcoat and you’re done! (there is no topcoat layer in the pic above ^_^)

nail deco of the week #18 / tutorial

18 Jan

1. clean/prep nail, base coat, etcetc

2. paint black tips (doesn’t have to be perfect, your glitter line will cover your boo-boos!)

2. paint glitter line

3. dot! (you can use a dotting tool or the blunt end of toothpicks)

4. glue on swarovski flatback/rhinestone & glue little bullion beads around the flatback.

i use my glittery nail polish as my adhesive~

5. top coat!

* here’s a drawing of the design if my pics were not clear enough

nail deco of the week #5 / tutorial

18 Jan

1. file your nails- you can buffer them too if you want. ^^

2. paint nails with base coat and wait for it to dry~ [bobbi brown nail ongle – baby pink 3]

3. paint tips with color of choice [brucci nail hardener – black out]

* some people prefer to use french tip tape but i prefer to freehand b/c it’s faster. 🙂
keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect- close to satisfactory should be good enough.

4. using a lovely toothpick (ghetto, yes i know)..

paint dots! [milani – super silver shine]

* this will usually conceal your imperfections if you didn’t use those french nail tape ^^

5. add nail decals if you wish

6. finish off with a top coat… [bobbi brown nail ongle – top coat]

and ta-da!