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Island Breeze Sugar Scrub

27 Oct

I was sent some sugar scrub samples from Island Breeze a while back and have been using this stuff for 2 months.

So far, no allergies and my skin has been silky smooth. 😀 Which is great because my feet have suffered a lot of damage from summer flip-flop wearing!

Sugar Scrub Image

The only con that I can see with this product is that you have to buy it in bulk… which means shelling out like $30-50.

They mainly target salons, so unless you want to share your scrubs with a friend or repackage them as stocking stuffers (which is a really cute idea!) I don’t know how many of you guys would be interested in this product.

^ I’ve been moving them to empty Olay moisturizer jars for easier storage. 🙂

The scents are great though!

My rankings for the scents (they all smell like delicious candy!):

1) Pomberry! ❤
2) Wild Watermelon
3) Mango Papaya
4) Lemon zest
5) Fresh Pear
6) Cool Mint

Offtopic: Plant-able paper!

29 Apr

I just wanted to share something really neat with you all! It’s plantable paper that I got from an Earth Day event!

Little seeds are embedded inbetween the paper layers so when you moisten it, it will sprout into wild flowers!

Here’s a 5 day log of my paper progress!

^ The paper

^ Back side. More seeds!

^ Day 2. Nothing yet…

^ Day 3. I see roots!

^ Day 4. Aha!

^ Day 5. 😀 Aren’t they cute? I moved them to a little planter after day 5.

More nail updates soon, I’m just so distracted by little plants right now! 🙂 I’ll show you all my baby tomatos soon!

Oh right! I forgot that I didn’t upload pics of my other plants from a month ago:

Unfortunately 1 died because of root rot. I over watered them. D:
L-R: poppies, pansies, impatiens, poppies, pansies, chrysanthemum


27 Feb

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nail deco – testers

18 Jan

nail deco – princessy

18 Jan

nail deco – misc

18 Jan

nail deco – pink tiger

18 Jan

made these for my cousin (: