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Nail Deco Of The Week #114 + DIY Flats + Custom Minion

6 Aug

Frankened hot coral pink

Tokidoki Nail Polish SANDY (glitter)

Bindi inspired nail art 🙂

Also! My local H&M in west LA had a sale on accessories this weekend (extra 50% off all accessories!)

I grabbed 3 pairs of flats for $2.00 each. 🙂 They’re pretty comfortable and great for some DIY projects!

I painted clouds on one pair last night with white acrylic paint. The bows were removed and replaced with gold paper fasteners. 🙂


I also have one pair of hot pink patent flats! I’m not sure how I want to customize these. Any ideas?

Oh, and here’s my other project! Customizing the McDonald Despicable Me 2 toys!

The fire alarm minion that yells “Bee-do Bee-do!”

[gif credit]

Review / Mini Tutorial

3 Dec

Hey guys!

So the kind people from BORN PRETTY have sent me a couple of products to try out!

in the picture: half pearl rounds, sweet desserts mini clay nail art deco, adhesive stripe stickers, mini metal ball decos.


I really like these tapes! They’re stick in the back so you can apply them easily. The tricky part is knowing the length of how much to cut, so I just use a generous amount and trim it to fit.

snip snip!

They are also quite handy for french styled mani’s! 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget the topcoat at the end. Alsooo, remember to fold the end of the tape over when you’re done cutting a strip because it can be quite difficult finding the end for such thin tapes!

Nail Art Colorful Half Pearls Decoration Set for Nail starting at $2.84

These are tinier pearls, and for some reason the colors don’t match up to the stock photos? The pearls themselves are quite nice and you get a lot for under $3, but the blue pearls confused me?

3 Sizes Nail Art Pearl Rhinestone Decoration + Wheel starts at $4.14

Half pearls! 🙂 Nothing bad to say about these. The white ones come in 3 sizes, here’s a picture of the largest size on my nails:

I usually just stick on my half round pearls to my nail polish when my nail polish is half dried (so it’s tacky) 😀 Then I just finish it with a top coat and it stays just fine.

12 Cute Desert Candy Nail Art Applique Nail Art Craft Decoration staring at $3.41

These are soooo cute!!! They’re super tiny and are made out of polymer clay so they are still slightly flexible when they’re shipped to you.

size comparison

more size comparisons

12 Colors 3D Steel Ball Glitter Nail Art Decoration starting at $5.41

I was actually pretty disappointed by these. The size and shape of the balls are inconsistent:

They are also much smaller than the steel balls that I usually buy at Daiso Japan:

Hmm I tried to find alternative uses for the balls.. like my using it the same way i would with loose glitter..

paint nail & dip in beads

Anyway, overall I’m pretty happy with their products. The steel balls were the only thing that I disliked 😛

Oh! And one last thing, BORN PRETTY is offering a 10% off discount till Dec 31, 2010~

The coupon code is: OPENTENOFF

Nail Deco Of The Week #74

22 May

milani – playful
china glaze – unplugged
sally hansen – white on
covergirl boundless color – gold rush

Nail Deco Of The Week #73

16 May

china glaze – agent lavender
wet ‘n’ wild – lavender pearlescent
art deco – white

Nail Deco Of The Week #60

13 Sep

frankened mint green
zoya – “richelle”

also bought some “faux-nad” plates last night!! i’m excited :]

need to buy china glaze – “bad kitty” too !!! ahhhh ♥

nail deco of the week #49

27 Apr




sinful – daddy’s girl

the purple is actually darker! don’t know why it showed up like that-

my camera has always had trouble picking up purple accurately >.<

oh, and may be it had to do with the red sweatshirt that i was wearing! (red reflected off my shirt)

nail deco of the week #46

7 Apr

i was over at my friend’s yesterday and she had these awesome gold dragon nail stickers!!

she let me have one hehe ♥

milani – blue for my baby
stripe rite – silver
covergirl boundless color – disco dazzle
maybelline colorama – … i never looked at the name!! it was my friend’s.. um it might have been #54? it was a sheer blue/silver glitter (:

nail deco of the week #41

3 Mar

I don’t know why I’ve been doing flowers a lot!

Zoya – Anastasia

Wet ‘n’ Wild – French creme

Chinaglaze – passion


added a topcoat


cover girl boundless color – pink twinkle

nail deco of the week #38 + ring

26 Jan


lippmann how far is heaven
china glaze ruby pumps

bought more deco stuff!


i also made a ring & decorated it with nail polish and nail art stuff. LOL.
(CG emerald sparkle, CG unplugged)

nail deco of the week #36

18 Jan

china glaze – emerald sparkle