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Nail Deco Of The Week #63

22 Nov

zoya “anastasia” over chinaglaze “unplugged”

nail deco of the week #39

17 Feb

sorry i haven’t posted in a while *_* been busy!

it’s a chain of hearts! ♥
i’m not sure why i’m always late with holiday themed decos..
like i wore a bunch of xmas colors after xmas o_o; hm.


i mixed cosmetic pigments w/ clear polish for the purple
do you guys like the color? (:

this is my new obsession! franken polishes ♥

i ordered some pigment samples so i’ll be mixing some more soon *can’t wait*
i want to get some micas from coastal scents to play with too but i should srsly consider saving $$ ;_;

so when i was googling for places to buy pigments, i stumbled upon THIS great blog! you guys should check it out. 😀

oh, on another note i emailed zoya about my exchange status and they told me that they’ll be shipping my 8 polishes on around the 23rd! YAY!

i requested..

– lael


– richelle

– irene

– tart

– anastasia

– ki

– felicity

– trixie


i’m soooooo excited *_*

for those who have no idea as to what i’m talking about-


“Welcome to The Zoya Great Nail Polish Exchange.

Do you have old bottles of nail polish (any brand) , used or unused, laying arround, collecting dust and tying up your valuable money? If you do, and we know you do, then this is the perfect program for you.

The Zoya Great Nail Polish Exchange lets you get fresh new Zoya Nail Polish Bottles in exchange for old bottles (used or unused- empty or full) of any brand of nail polish other than Zoya. All you have to do is pay for the shipping and processsing. It’s that simple!

To take advantage of this offer, simply fill out the form below and press submit. You will receive an email with detailed instructions for this program and an exchange form (with your personal exchange authorization number) which you will need to include with your exchange.”

so basically you send them your old polishes, used or unused and they will send you back brand new zoya polishes! a great opportunity for you guys who want to try out this brand b/c they usually retail for around $6.00. you do have to pay $3.00 processing fee for each bottle they send back- but that’s still a great deal imo!