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Nail Deco Of The Week #65

22 Nov

i did this a long time ago (week 37).. it’s one of my fave manis to do >.<

if i had to chose one design to wear all the time it would be this one!!!
lippmann “how far is heaven”
chinaglaze “passion”
LA colors art deco “silver”
covergirl boundless color “disco dazzle” … i have three bottles of this color for backup (: i think i’m crazy for considering buying more.. just in case..

nail deco of the week #38 + ring

26 Jan


lippmann how far is heaven
china glaze ruby pumps

bought more deco stuff!


i also made a ring & decorated it with nail polish and nail art stuff. LOL.
(CG emerald sparkle, CG unplugged)

nail deco of the week #37 / tutorial

18 Jan


i got a few requests for a tut, so here you go!
it’s very simple and you can do it quickly for a fast simple mani (:

what i use:
lippmann collection – how far is heaven?
china glaze – passion
stripe rite – silver glitter
cover girl – disco dazzle

1. basic prep (clean nails, base coat, blahblahblah)

2. i painted two layers of ‘how far is heaven’ ~ you can do more or less depending on how sheer you want it to be (:

3. paint tips with ‘passion’ or w/e color you want.
it doesn’t have to to be perfect b/c you can conceal your mistakes with glitter later!

4. you can use as many different types of glitters as you want, but i’m only using 2 in this tut. (:
so paint another stripe with your finest/densest glitter, patrially overlapping your colored tips

5. do the same thing as stop #4, but with your more sparse glitters. if you’re using many glitters, start with the densest glitter and your last glitter should be the sparse-est! i hope that made sense >_>

6. now paint over your dense glitter layers/colored tips with your sparse-est glitter

7. add a topcoat and you’re done! (there is no topcoat layer in the pic above ^_^)