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Nail Deco Of The Week #103

2 Feb

fauxnad stamps

color club – fashion addict


Magnetic Polishes + misc swatches

8 Jan

Wanted to post up some pictures of the magnetic polishes that I was playing with at Sephora 🙂

nails inc. Trafalgar Square (chrome) — middle finger

nails inc. Special Effects Electric Lane Holographic Glitter Top Coat — index finger

nails inc.  Houses Of Parliament (purple) — thumb

Aren’t they cool? 🙂 For the magnetic polishes, you swipe a thick coat of iron-powder infused polish and quickly put the magnetic cap on top of the wet polish. I found it a little tricky not to let the cap touch my nail (and apparently others have this problem too since the tester cap had quite a bit of residue!) but after about 5-10 seconds, the polish will dry to a cool pattern! If you’ve ever seen cat-eye beads, the finish is kind of like that. They cost $16.00 a bottle at Sephora and come in 3 colors (chrome, purple, teal). I couldn’t bring myself to buy a bottle, hopefully there are dupes to be found!

Two more swatches:

Zoya – Neeka (not quite as glitter as it looks in the bottle, but still very pretty! this color is also darker than it appears in the bottle)

Essie – School of Hard Rocks


Nail Deco Of The Week #96

3 Aug

Posted Image
Posted Image
wet n wild – party of five glitters
wet n wild – kaleidoscope
covergirl boundless color – gold rush
covergirl boundless color – disco dazzle

china glaze – white on white

sad that i couldn’t get my hands on lippmann’s glitter in the air 😦

anyway, here’s my attempt to replicate lippmann’s happy birthday 🙂

wet n wild party of five glitters does not have gold glitters like lippmann’s, so i just  used whatever gold glitter polish i had 🙂 too bad i don’t have chunkier gold glitters!

Nail Deco Of The Week #93

3 Aug

Posted Image

Posted Image
wet n wild – kaleidoscope
frankened periwinkle blue

Nail Deco Of The Week #85 + mini review/tut

13 Mar

Saw Lacquerized‘s monarch butterfly nails and had to try it for myself!!! 🙂

mine didn’t turn out as nice as hers though 😦

shouldn’t have rushed ._. maybe i will try this mani again in the future and make each nail more uniform + draw the contours better!

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
color club – wild at heart
sally hansen – hidden treasure
art deco – black
china glaze – white on white

byebye mani…


now moving on to the 4 way nail buffer that Jessica from Born Pretty sent me 🙂

step 1: file nails! i wouldn’t recommend if you want to file a lot because this is a very fine grain. it’s better for touch ups, after 1 or 2 uses you probably will have to dispose of it.

step 2,3: sand nail surface!

step 4: buff surface 🙂

dull 😦


i wouldn’t recommend using this too often (eg every day).. you are sanding off your nail after all– so you’re thinning your nail 😮 though you probably won’t be doing that anyway! one buffing is enough for 2-3 weeks for me~

nail deco of the week #31

18 Jan


china glaze – let’s do it in 3D